Who We Are

Connor Kjersteen is the founder of the company. He is an experienced musician, writing anthems and melodies that peer into the heavens, where lies a very creative thinker. He practiced Zen Buddhist philosophy and meditation, and remains true to his Catholic tradition, blending his free thinking with a genuine desire to serve others heart, soul and fire! Connor works very hard both in the office as well as the field. Doing everything from customer relations, snow removal in commercial and residential, lawn maintenance in commercial and residential, and yard projects, fronting the landscape design portion of the company, and as a helper for Chris when the job entails a little bit of muscle juices in renovation. Connor is behind everything; Whether that’s in the communication, the operation, or being behind the shovel, at the end of the day Connor is the Star of the Show.

Christina Marie Kohari is nothing but pop. She has a wonderful taste in music and is a karaoke super-star, and sings professionally. She also identifies as genderqueer. There’s nothing that escapes her, she’s always first to show, and takes the reigns on everything she does. Christina works as a housecleaner, as a hand for the outdoor projects, team leader of the West Calgary snow route, and has taken on all direction for Gardening.

Chris Irmert a.k.a. “The King” is without a doubt the most bashful and loveable team member. He’s not afraid to crack an awry joke in an awkward situation, yet he’s willing to listen and provide sensible advice in the perfect time. His presence is like a moonlight twinkle and his heart is disguised in his conserved demeanour. You’ll love him, that’s why he’s King! He works in the commercial sector and is in charge of all the renovation and construction, vehicle maintenance, handy-work, and part of landscape design. It also helps to know he has experience in renovation and construction trades of 20 years.

Gregg Lovo is the wingman in snow, lawns, and landscaping, making him the perfect fall-back and carrier of team weight. His catholic faith is very special to him, and any chance to pray is a good chance. Having worked with Connor on the mission to Guatemala as musicians, they reunited their bond with a fearless ability to bring on the manhood and perform all the medium duty work with their passion of friendship and team spirit.

Dave Kendall means business. Flying in from Toronto he is passionate about small start-ups and marketing campaigns. Having a talent and experience in operations management, he will be joining the team to help manage the internal affairs and processes of the company. Accounting, Scheduling, Future-Planning, and Secretary (in part). A good team needs a good manager.

Rick is just shy of being a real 60s hippy. But he’s in his 60s. Talented in mechanics and operating a small engine repair flipping business, he is very savvy when it comes to grasping the un-carved wood and envisioning the usefulness and direction of all things. He is a mentor for Connor, providing advice when it comes to operational concerns. And beyond that, he helps out occasionally on snow day. You may see him power-washing as well. Mostly though, he is the team’s trusted mechanic.

Dan Simpson is an historian (a.k.a. an history nerd) and is about as reserved and thoughtful as a library full of books. He’s a very skilled musician and has a dedication for all his pursuits.

Kumaren Govender is a whacky dude that radiates cool. He’s is very peaceful and nurturing, with a very genuine heartfelt mother that takes spiritual care of all of us. He’s an avid writer, drawer, comic book artist, and extremely skilled bass player. Kumaren helps out Connor as an additional hand in all services.

Dorotka Kjersteen is one hot mama! After having her first baby girl she is nothing but sparkle and shine. And so it is that she radiates sparkle and shine when she cleans your home. It wouldn’t go without saying that she is very sensitive, and is very thoughtful, which makes her a safe bet to come in and respect your living environment. Pretty, cool, and full of laughter, you’ll enjoy spending your lazy days with her for sure!

Jill McIvor is a real smart cookie. Working full time at a real estate office she does a fair share of keeping the loose ends tied up. From helping manage the company’s finances, to putting in extra hours out in the snow season.

Jasper Bicknell is wildly unique. Talented in sketch and artistry he is full of prim and style. I sometimes wonder what kind of genius lies behind his shady glasses and leather jacket that seems just a little too hot to be all for show. Very detail oriented and laid back he is one cool cat!

Linda Camacho is a people-person at its absolute best. No person shall ever lay left behind, and her understanding is genuine and spiritual. A little bit of Japan and a trance-like flow lies in her soul, but her quirky smile heals the deepest hole in a troubled heart. But forget that, she’s a real feisty tiger! Linda works as a housecleaner.

Murtaza Hussaini will one day be famous to his dislike for his philosophical enlightenment. As a muslim he is very devoted to his spirituality and spiritual practice, anywhere from picking up strewn cigarette butts to leading in brilliance as an example for others to follow. Born to be a prophet, he has an amazing vision for other-worldly ideas, and has a deep understanding of bowing down to God and lifting those up who follow. He loves to dance and perform his pop & lock in public parks, simply to bring a flowing zen to the world with his whole body. He works as a hand with snow removal.

Kathy Levant should be nicknamed wise-hearted woman. There isn’t much about being fierce and courageous that she doesn’t understand, and so fully so that she seem surprised when you aren’t up to her standards of generosity, caring, and sensitivity. Being tough is only her second nature. Her first is loving and caring.

Kayla and Rene Kjersteen are the gorgeous faithful Virgo’s, Connor’s Mom & Sis. They do beautiful and pretty very well and are a fabulous support in the subtlest of ways. Kayla will be behind the shovel this year, and Rene does flower watering on special occasions.