Vision Statement


“Satori Sunrise seeks to nurture friendship in their community, to put their heart into the relationships that they make, and to bring compassion and integrity, in order to do what we do out of love and kindness”


What you get from Satori Sunrise:


A Colourful Team

With a little bit of character, quirkiness, and rough edges
Devoted to providing excellence in the quality of their product
Accountable to one another in maintaining a positive attitude
That shares a common goal of their work environment


An owner who is passionate about his success
Who is very consciously devoted to his business integrity
Who maintains constant flexibility with his many clients
Who is always willing to listen and attend to his customers needs
Who is just a phone call away
And Who has a great smile

Customer Service Excellence

A company that is:
Always reasonably priced
Allows room for flexibility
Always goes the extra mile
Is Diligent and Timely –
In order to maintain a long-term relationship with their clients
Makes up for their mistakes
Provides solutions wherever they can
Takes pride in their work




About The Owner (And Personal Testimonies)

Connor Kjersteen (The Boss) has experienced major life transformations and personal growth before and during the creation of his company, Satori Sunrise.

From being a straight A student and being the frontman of his high school rock band Midnight Truth, Connor had a knack for excellence and leadership at a young age.

Things became rocky when he went shooting for the stars and quested to a small university in Squamish B.C. During this time he encountered the Eastern Philosophy (hence the yin yang), along with many other enlightening and challenging ideas, but one of the greatest challenges was being away from home whilst facing such a strong spiritual struggle within. As an accomplished songwriter, later he wrote of this journey away from home; “Broken branches and fallen leaves, these are all our memories…Here we stand alone again, I wonder how we’ll make it through the end.”

When he left the college he was admitted into the hospital and diagnosed with a mildly-severe mental illness. Since his breakdown, Connor made many great strides to overcome the internal struggle, which came about, in part by actively socializing and communing with people, in part to the grace and compassion of his friends and family, and also in part to finding his heart again in his music. He wrote an acoustic duet album “When We’re Lost,” which he released and toured with former band-mate Joel on two Christian missions to Guatemala.

Starting Satori Sunrise was an avid way for him to challenge himself in personal growth, creating an opportunity for him to work again, and to put his creative mind (which, was always quite natural, but this time much more weathered) to something he found passion in. As the owner of the company, Connor has accomplished many skills, both in respect to trade knowledge and business management essentials, and from challenging with how to provide Customer Service excellence, accountability and integrity, working with people, and once again, leadership. As the head of the company, the centre of his people, and in service to the community, he has always been the star of the show, with a beautiful character and nature the touches people’s hearts.

Furthermore, Connor has faced many more of a young adults trials in the recent years. What has been difficult, with a parents separation, an uneasy living situation with his mother, the financial burdens of a business, and the process with his Mother of selling their home and moving; are challenges that are ongoing, but which, Connor continues to actively develop and grow for his personal wellness, beside and behind his company.

Connor lives his full faith in cultivating a very rich relationship with his Mother Irene and in building a home together with her. They aspire to bring their dreams together heart and soul when they open a spiritual retreat centre in Central and/or South America, a life goal that they set themselves to accomplish in the long term. Rene taught Connor how to love unconditionally and realize his visions and dreams. Connor continues to create and pursue his passions, open to all avenues, devoted to helping others and making the world a better place with a positive outlook and a cheerful personality.

During the two years of starting and managing this company, Connor has nonetheless managed to find time to produce an album ‘Satori’ completely self-produced and written, and a hard copy is available as a gift.


Christina Marie Kohari has a very powerful story to tell about her never-ending childhood. Her Mother passed away 18 days after she was born, and so was raised by a single Father her whole life. Like the rest of us, she stayed home to never leave behind the greatest gem of all, home where the heart is.

She grew up touring the country side, and still goes to Calaway and Heritage Parks, The Badlands, Banff, and the mountains to connect with nature and the world. Christina has discovered little gems that no one has yet explored. And she remembers these things right to the very month and year.

Connor and Christina still go on long silent meditation walks together. They also practice yoga within the trees chatting about their adolescent journeys. She journeyed to eventually discover herself first as bisexual and to later realize she is genderqueer (like for example, wearing boys clothes and being comfortable being called “him” or “he” on occasion). She wants to try and find a girlfriend, and perhaps may consider partially transitioning genders.

Christina evolved with the greatest gift of all, a beautiful life with the most caring Father and a zest for being caring with others. She walked closely with Connor since 2008, through his journey from home and in the hospitals in full support back to the wonderful life he leads today. Connor and his family considers Christina to be a true and everlasting best friend.


Gregg Lovo is the first old fart on the team, and is none more than the hardest-assed worker-boss turned grey. Born and raised in Calgary, he’s seen the city turn and change, and with a smart phone at hand captures all the views. From the King Eddy, where he played his first gig as a drummer, to railroad tracks that look like they’re built on top of a building, to the terrariums atop the grand new Bow building, he loves architecture, design, and culture. Recently shaped by his Christian fellowship (where he had the chance to tour de mission via Guatemala with Connor), he is now initiated into the Catholic Church via RCIA. Upon his graduation he took upon himself to go to the great Vatican City in Rome with Fr. Gill (whom he shares a bottle of wine with on the occasional night) and brought back a wealth of spiritual knowledge, which he vivaciously brings to our work environment. You might catch him sleeping in the back pew of any and every church in the city, for his home is a tough place to pin-point, for the passion in his heart for others is his true home.


Rick fell upon the team recently through friends of the company, Barbara and Joseph, a neighbour in the Bridgeland community. What started out as a good number to fix mowers turned into a kindling of hearts between Connor and Rick. Sure, he can pull apart and put together anything imaginable, but his asset to the team is his humble kindness. 4 and a Half years old, he is born again, and this young-old fart has a sparkle in his eye that comes straight out of the 60s. A heart warming laugh, and a wise attitude are all part of the package; Rick is a giver in person and in spirit.


And the boys: Josh, Murtaza, Kumaren, Jamie, Jason… Where would we be without them? All great characters, and beautiful people, driven to help one another, and the team. Their journey with the company is cherished, and yet they are all shooting star children, dreaming of great things in ways that go beyond the material world. Musicians, great thinkers, persuasive speakers, honourable servants, sages, brave hearts, and young men; Their gifts are not necessarily tangible, but are easily felt.