The Team

Linda and Christina and Kumaren have a little cool to add to the pool.


Linda’s Song Teardrops On The Ground sings,

I am a Child,
Heart and Soul,
With Grace like Rain,
I can make anything Change,
I have all the Stars in my Eyes,
And the Sun from above,
I know who I truly am,
I am Love.

Give it a shot!




Christina has much to share with her gender transformations. As of May 2014 her animation film Metamorphosis, animated completely on her own accord with no training and with Connor’s production of the soundtrack will be released and viewed by the LGBT and Genderqueer community and FairyTales Film Festival. Notable that this is the first time this film festival has seen a fully animated film!

You can view the film on youtube below:

In addition to Metamorphosis, she also has many genderqueer chat videos on the youtube community. Understanding the nature of Gender Dysphoria is very complex, and many young people go through these motions of questioning on their journey of self-awareness and understanding. Her tidbits and a tip on her journey can be viewed at the following playlist for your interest:

Also Christina has perform as a Drag King! For those of you who don’t know, a drag king is a female who performs as a male persona. She sang as Mr. Vibrato with the Fake Moustache troupe. If memory serves at one of the shows a drag king performed and proposed to her girlfriend at one of these performances with “I Think I Wan’t To Marry You”



Dedicated to his skill as a musician and performer on the bass, Kumaren has a little funk to bring in the mix, with his goal to beat the world record for the fastest bass playing in the world. His record attempts can be seen below.

Also Kumaren writes and jams with Connor in prospect of a new musical venture.