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Our clients want you to know what their customer service was truly like!


“Connor was very reliable, was very good in a move, especially as a packer. He got right in there and just grabbed a box, it was the initiative that I liked. He was packing lots of heavy stuff out to the van, he had a lot of strength and could reach the high things in the cupboards. And he was Christian, that’s how I got my contact, and I could trust him. He stuck through to the end. He would be a great person to help people move and get organized.”

– Barbara Lafrentz
– Marie Taylor, Sept. 2013



“2014 April 28

Re: Satori Sunrise Residential Services

This letter is an unsolicited recommendation of Connor Kjersteen and his company, Satori Sunrise.

I contracted Satori Sunrise to provide residential snow removal services during the 2013-14 season. As every Calgarian knows, it turned out to be a long winter with exceptional snowfalls and bitter, unrelenting cold temperatures. It was a very difficult year in which to launch a new snow clearing business.

From the first time Connor came to my front door, it was evident that he put service excellence at the top of his priority list. And, excellent service is what I got, every day of the contract. He put a lot of effort into supporting and developing his staff and as a result of that, the team members took great pride in their work. They consistently went “the extra mile” no matter how cold it got, how many days in a row it snowed, or how dark and late the night was. They did a terrific job every time it snowed. they were a pleasure to deal with and Connor was always easy to reach, quick to respond.

As “snow days” piled up, it became obvious that Satori Sunrise’s very reasonable rates must have been creating a serious disadvantage for the company. Regardless of that, Connor continued to provide great service because that is what he’d contracted to do. the extreme cold and the big volumes of snow required much more work than seasonal norms, but he and his staff were always cheerful. They made it clear that they appreciated my business.

I was very satisfied with their work and have already talked with Connor regarding spring season yard work. I highly recommend Satori Sunrise services.

Yvonne Spies
Strathcona Park, Calgary
Tel. 403.863.9812 “



“I have contracted to Satori Sunrise for the past year and have been happy with the workmanship they have provided. Satori Sunrise has listened to my concerns and implemented sound solutions. I have found them to be courteous, timely and creative. I highly recommend them.”

Martine, Sept. 2014


“Hello Connor,

I wanted to THANK YOU for the outstanding service in the short time we have been in contract with each other.  My mom is thoroughly impressed as am I.

Extremely grateful.

Have a great weekend,

Noorie”  – Nov. 2015