Winter Service – Snow Removal!

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Winter Service

October - April

Our Winter Snow Removal program is one of the best you’ll find in West Calgary!

With so many years at our back, we know what customers want and how to get that right!


For example:


• We charge a very competitive rate against other companies, at only


for the average steps, city walk and driveway. This provides you unlimited coverage regardless of how much or often it snows.


• We work, every day, during regular daytime hours, from Sunrise to Sundown, and can efficiently move through a list of addresses so no one is waiting until after dinner-time. We work on weekends and all holidays too


• We have many extra hands available on-call, ensuring that we are prepared for those rough days of one-foot-or-more snowfall with enough workers to help out.


• We provide amazing e-mail communication! Right from typical notices of regular on-time service each day, to prompt notification of any delay, all the way to affirmative replies to any issues you have, such as a snow pile getting out of hand, or a car being moved from your driveway.


• We almost always use shovels, and not blowers, so we don’t leave tracks behind. We use sharp scrapers to clear remaining tracks to avoid them turning to ice.


• Should you (rarely) need it, we do on-call ice management, free of charge for the visit, we only charge ice-melt used. Once or twice a year we see some melting that leaves pools or run-offs and this is why.


• We receive payment via cash/cheque in mail, E-transfer, or a very easy to pay online invoice to offer credit card payment.


• We service all the way from the very first snowfall, even if it’s in early October, all the way to the last of any snowfall in late April, covered in 6 months of payments. (For the price of 7)


• Should you require Custom Scheduling, we are fully prepared to provide service between two given dates, and prorate our service based on monthly rates!


• We really do EVERYTHING right so you can be snow and ice free, ALL winter long!



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September 25, 2021

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