Snow Removal




Our procedure for snow removal is to remove the snow from your city walk, your driveway, your walkways, and your steps. We will chip away at tracks and when there is ice we will provide an application of ice melt. The finished product is a clean driveway that is 100% clear

We monitor the weather to ensure that with every day of snowfall, whether it be a light dusting or a huge dump, as long as we wake up and see snow on the ground, we will hit the road and get to work. Your driveway and walks will be snow and ice free after every day of snowfall. We come out between 8am and 8pm, seven days a week, all winter long. If we don’t want to come out on Christmas morning, we will be saying our prayers and hope that Santa doesn’t bring us a big white present.

If perchance snowfall starts falling (as mother nature accrues) after 10am, we will carry over our service to the following morning as we cannot address everyone’s properties within a reasonable timeframe (8pm) at this point. Also, we come each day during continuous snowfall, so if it snows over multiple days, or during/after a removal, we come out again for another day of work. You can be rest assured that each day it will be equally as clean as if we had arrived the previous day, 100% snow and ice free, with a guarantee of clear 24 hours after the snowfall stops.

Our fee for snow removal is $180 per month, which on par with many other professional landscaping and snow removal companies. Since we are dedicated to our clients, we hope to offer a service that exceeds and raises the standard in timeliness and service.

We offer a $20/month Seniors Discount.

Contact us to book your contract (it sounds scary but it is actually a formality just to ensure you get your service as intended and so we can clarify our agreement).

Enough Said, “Mother send us an avalanche!


In the case that we receive a winter that has little to no amount of snow…

At the end of the season we like to offer an optional but complimentary Garage Wash since it only makes sense to get rid of the grime inside that winter leaves behind.

If we have a normal winter with a full amount of snow, this service will still be offered for $100.