I’ve got my alibis

Whispering to me in the night
Telling me of times once past
Of stories that have long gone silent
In the glow of a lamp,
I remember a place I had once been
In another world, another life,
Somewhere in a dream,
For the lights that guide me home,
Shine like a symphony,
And the music that flows within my soul,
Speaks to me from eternity,
In the night everything comes forth,
In the light everything is received
It’s just a matter of where you are,
And who you want to be,
If you believe that the best is meant to come
You will awaken to countless blessings, unfolding and flourishing
Oh cause freedom is finding the love in your hearts,
And to be free is to let it shine
And I’ll find peace in me
I’ll take the doves and let them free
Flying over the sunrise
There you will be
Spreading life into their fluttering wings
And bringing waves of joy into everything
My love you breathe wondrous beauty
And guide the world in perfect grace
My comfort and my secret wish
Is the feeling of hope in your warm embrace
My curious way, come what may,
In all the fleeting dreams I chase
All that I could ever ask
I’ll find here in this place