I just want to be here in love with you

Make a promise to you come true
I want to feel your heart in mine
Until the end of time
I want to kiss you before I say bye
And never speak a word of lies
But tell you how much you mean to me
Cause you’re my one and only
Don’t ever let me break your heart
Until I break mine for you,
Make me know what you’re truly worth,
Because that’s what I love about you,
You’re my song, my truth, my hope,
And I sing this song for you,
Let me be your light and star,
Until our dreams come true
Cause my one and only is you
Through trial and time this love will grow old,
And life may break us apart,
But even in my deepest dreams,
I am coming back to you,
I could feel you in the glittering stars,
Like you were watching over me,
And in this dance I pray to last,
For all that we can be,
Let’s save our love and burn out bright,
Like diamonds in the rough,
And play out songs and tell our lives,
Until the turns into dust,
Like shooting stars and wonders of,
The two worlds that collide,
You brought to me the greatest gift,
And that greatest gift is you,
You’re my one and only
You’re my one and only Love