Yeah cause you were once a child
With fire in your eyes
Dreaming from the passion
Forgotten in your sighs
If you had only seen it then
The devil’s dark disguise
Now you’ve paid your holy dues
And broke the mess of lies

The night it belongs to you
When the cold seeps through your skin
It was love that brought you here
And spread the message thin
Cradled like the moon
The weight of what’s been undone
Now your feet won’t touch the ground
For in your heart you have won

Don’t just give up the fight
Don’t be afraid to let it in
You’re a saint raised upon the light
And this is where it begins
You’ve come so far on this journey
To make your dreams come true
Don’t let it slip away
Before you’ve seen it through

Cause it will never be the way it was
You can’t turn back time
But you can always pick up the pieces
And sing out to the sky
We were born before the winds blew
We were always lost at sea
Now this love has broken us in
This love is you and me

Let’s burn out bright and shine our light
From where we first began
One with Life and saving grace
In a billion grains of sand