Sometimes it seems like it’s never ending
When I know it’s me you’re defending
Chasing up our tails our hearts never prevail
Cause the hurt keeps holding us back
But I hear this victory song and know that there is more than what we’re feeling now

Oh let’s carry on

Cause you know the pain is gone

Oh the war is won

And a new day has just begun
Lying in the sun
There’s no need to run
Oh let’s have some fun
Together we are one
You know one day all of this is gonna fade away
Just another memory of things we didn’t say
I don’t want a stone cold fear set in my eyes
I don’t want to swimming in a barrel of all of my lies
So I’ll hold you close and tell you I love you so,
Cause I know one day you’re gonna have to go,
Then I hear this song and remember what we still have left
Oh in the name of God I pray for one more breath
And I’ll never forget the deepest scars
The days I’ve suffered and my broken heart
All the things I didn’t mean to say
That pierced and bruised and bled me away
But now grace brings me a new day