Lawn Care



What would a residential service company be without Lawn Maintenance?

Satori Sunrise offers this most common service, which is a routine lawn care program.



What makes Satori Lawn Maintenance such a good choice?

A quality lawn program must come with Flexibility and Consistency and that is exactly what we offer. Three options for streams of service, done by ‘The Boys’, and a Full-Time supplementary Gardening Team, ‘The Girls’.

Our Lawn Service provides consistence and flexibility; to weather patterns, growth over the season, timeliness when the service is most needed, and a flat price. 

Routine ‘Weekly’ Service ~ $160/month

For the savvy customer, we offer a monthly price of $160/month (Or $200 for a larger more complex yard) to ensure 20 cuts over the season on a weekly changing to biweekly schedule.
That’s $40/cut. ($50 larger yard)

What this means is you get to be part of our regular program, which we schedule being on a weekly basis, on a scheduled day of the week.

During the season start we will frequent every week, but mid-late summer we will switch to biweekly service when the weather becomes appropriate and the growth of the grass slow down.

The Schedule is as follows:

May – 5 cuts (due to extra days at the turn of month)
June – 4 cuts
July – 4 cuts
August – 4 cuts
September – 3 cuts

‘Bi-Weekly’ Service ~ $108/month

For a better bargain, or for a lawn the grows less avid, we offer a traditional ‘biweekly only’ service. We swing by only every second week for the whole summer.

So the customer is aware, while this is a bargain for you, for us it is a little more work on our visits, because the grass has more time to grow. That is why it is priced higher per cut.

You get 12 cuts over the full season at $45/cut.

One Time Only ~ $50-$75

Just shoot a text and we’ll save you from the jungle monkeys. 403-835-3443


Either Way, ‘The Boys’ will sport bandanas, classic rock, and whip up a pristine lawn, the envy of lawn service providers.

And, Consistent with, and Supplementary to our lawn service program is the use of our Gardening and Flower Team, “The Girls”. Please be referred here to see how our Girls can make all the difference.


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