Summer Service – Lawn Care!

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Lawn Maintenance

May - Semptember

Our Summer Season is a well-oiled machine, from the beginning (with our Spring Clean-Up) until the end (Fall Clean or final mow)!

Every week of the Summer, your yard will look Stunning!



Weekly Cutting:

$24 per cut  (1000-2000 sq ft lawn)
$34 per cut  (2000-3000 sq ft lawn)     <- Average Yard
$44 per cut  (3000-4000 sq ft lawn)
$54 per cut  (4000+ sq ft)
*Square footage is measured via Google*


Biweekly Only:

Add $6 per cut


One-Time Cut or “extra-long surcharge” (1 ft or longer)

Add $16 per cut



•  First seasonal cut happens early May (after Spring Clean-Up)
•  Same cut day every week (or two weeks), from Monday to Friday!
*Cutting day is with some, but not full preference*
•  Only Minor delays due to Heavy Rain, and will be notified!
•  Change-over to Biweekly in September
•  Final cut is in October, and includes some minor leaf clean-up (as we mow)
*All Scheduling can be adjusted by phone or e-mail, on an ongoing basis*


Why choose Satori?

•  We are ALWAYS on-time
•  We haul away all the grass clippings ourselves, we Do Not use your Green Bin
•  We change mowing directions frequently for the best appearance
•  We cut at the right height, and are attentive to requests for a short or long cut
•  We use fresh mower blades every two weeks for a perfect cut
•  We close gates every time, and are familiar with dog-owners
•  We trim edges gently, and are thorough around the whole yard
•  We blow the yard, driveway, and gutter at the end of each visit
•  Connor has years of mowing experience, and pays attention to DETAIL
•  I remain available on weekends for all other services!


Weeds? Pests? Fertilizer?
•  Connor has a very close relationship with Cougarstone Lawn Care.
•  Mike and Connor worked together for 3 years, and a very nice benefit to Connor’s program is the use of a Licensed Professional for addressing your lawn’s health and needs.
•  Don’t be fooled! Green Drop and Weed Man do not pay as close of an attention as we do.. We visit your yard every week, and we use products that are more competitive, and more importantly, evenly and appropriately applied!
•  Your Weed Control (selective), Pests (such as voles or cinch-bugs), and Fertilizer (for a perfect green) will be assessed by Connor and referred to Mike for optional treatment!
•  Cougarstone Lawn Care charges a unique fee for this service. Please call Connor to arrange an assessment!


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Connor: 403-835-3443

(please leave voicemail to ensure I can return your call if I miss it!)

January 28, 2022

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