Junk Removal, Power-Washing, Eaves Cleaning

The little niche of a service that keeps our company moving.


All summer long we are open and available upon request for this trio of services.

Junk Removal – Have us ‘Take a load off Annie, Take a load for free’

  • Per Load ~ $200 + Landfill Fee

Power-Washing – Sparkle and Shine

  • We use detergents and 3000 PSI pressure power to get dirt off as best as possible. We also use special nozzles that allow us to reach second story height.
  • We will provide clean, but with a disclaimer that caked on dirt sometimes cannot be completely removed, even with use of high quality equipment, but in most cases this is not an issue.
  • Single Story ~ $150
  • Two Story ~ $200

Eaves Cleaning – Drip drip, drop.

  • We currently only assess light-duty scenarios with Eavestrough Cleaning (i.e. bungalows and just basic cleaning as opposed to unplugging) but are in the process of developing the process to offer a full professional service.
  • Ask us if you think we can do it and with further notice we may slowly be set up for it.
  • Sections ~ $100 per visit
  • Single Story ~ $250 per visit
  • Two Story ~ TBA @ $500 per visit