A Keen Eye For A Tiger

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Gregg Lovo takes the direction in these projects, as he has 20 years of paint experience with several Paint (and Reno) Bosses. He knows exactly how to get it right, and Connor is a very meticulous apprentice. Chris also works alongside the team with 20 years experience in renovation for interior paint jobs.

It became apparent to us that people are always looking for an affordable painting solution, and sometimes do-it-yourself is not a viable option. And yes there are many competitors offering a very wide range of prices on painting projects.

What we are hoping to provide is a medium-to-low cost option for a painting project, where a dedicated expert might charge 50% more and an unknown quality student-run performance might come in just below.

We will give you a proper estimate based on your job size and our previous experience, and work from our team of two to four at a fair wage of $15-$20/hr each person, plus the cost for our materials.

We will provide the drop cloths, rags, rollers, brushes, and outfit ourselves and advise you on the amount of paint you will need.


Our Projects range anywhere from Exterior Trim, to Interior Rooms, to a Full Interior Colour Change. 

A typical job cost estimate looks like this:

Exterior Trim And Doors
15-25 hours / Two Workers / Two to Three Days
$150 for paint and materials
~$1000 Total

Interior, One or Two Rooms
10-15 hrs / Two Workers / Two to Three Days
$150 for Paint and Materials
~$1000 Total

Whole Basement or Condo Flat Interior
35-40 hrs / Two or Three Workers / Three to Five Days
$500 for Paint and Materials
~$2500-$3000 Total

Full Home Interior
50-75 hrs / Four Workers / One Week
$750 for Paint and Materials
~$5000-$7500 Total



We are willing to cut the cost as we can so you can finally afford to get the job done. We will not turn you down!

“If a man asks for your shirt, give him your coat as well. This way you will show him the way to Heaven.”