Gardening and Flower Care

Dedication is what we offer, and our summer program is made complete with our Gardening and Flower Maintenance Team, “The Girls.”

Christina, Kathy, Rene, and Fellow Bridesmaids – that love to get dirty. They provide special attention to the delicate matters. What’s better than a freshly cut lawn? A gorgeous flower bed!

Their service includes but is not limited to:

Weeding ~ $50-$100 per visit

  • Depending on the size and scope of the project.
  • Typically a large amount of weeding can be done once a month for $100. Mulched landscapes or small flower beds can be done once a month for $50.
  • Alternatively, a bi-monthly weeding can be done for $25 (small size) – $50 (much larger size) per visit.

Fertilizer Applications ~ $50 inclusive of supplies

  • Mid-Season fertilizer keeps your lawn looking healthier for the late season, but also for years to come.

Selective Herbicide Application ~ $75 inclusive of supplies

  • April Showers, May Flowers, June Dandelions. Let us get rid of them with a localized spot treatment of herbicide.

Flower and Vegetable Planting ~ $50-$100 per visit

  • Maybe you are looking to prep a vegetable garden May-long, or shortly thereafter. Or want to plant some beautiful bulbs or transplants. We’ll sow the seeds and nourish them for you.

Watering ~ $20/visit

  • Yep, you bought all kinds of dastardly amazing-looking hanging pots and stand-alone tomato plants, AND, you’re going on vacation. We can water every day or every other day while you’re away, and also make sure they take cover when hail is on its way!

Cut-Back and Clean-Up after Hail ~ $50-$100 per visit

  • And of course, God forbid, your vegetable or flower garden get ruined because of the hail. We can selectively cut it back and tidy it up.