Fall Service – Clean-Up!

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Fall Clean-Up


Our Fall Season is thorough, putting your yard to winter’s rest with leaf and bed cleaning, tree pruning, and a final winterizing cut!

With all the burning colour, the most beautiful time of the year can belong to you!


How it Works


Winter Cut Only:

For this service, we do a final winterizing cut. This means we cut the grass short, and clean the lawn area of all the leaves.

$40 Small Cut
$50 Medium Cut
$60 Large Cut
$75 XL Cut


Fall Clean:

•  For this we do a full Clean of your whole property.
•  All your leaves and branches will be raked, bundled, and taken away to be composted with the City recycling programs.
•  We blow out all the shrubs and hedges, and we cut back all your perennials, and pull out and take away all your annual flowers.

•  Depending on the size of your property and the amount of leaves you have, prices may vary.



Tree and Hedge Pruning:

•  Unique to this time of year is the auspicious opportunity to address your tree and hedge care.
•  Tree shaping can be done, to give your tree a more filled out and balanced look.
•  Hedging is great to do, since you will not burden your hedge by removing the fresh growth of leaves as you would during spring or summer.
•  Prices range depending in size and scope of work, but are based on a per-visit/per-trailer-load basis:

$100 simple visit:   small touch-ups
$150 normal visit:  1 medium hedge, 2 small trees or 1 large tree
$200 large visit:    several of: trees, shrubs, hedges;  half-load
$250 XL visit:       heavy pruning everywhere;  full-load

*Pruning and Hedging can be combined with other fall services at a discounted rate*



•  Book your services at the end of September.
•  We will stay in touch, vigiliantly aware of winter weather coming!
•  When your leaves are mostly fallen, send us an e-mail!
•  We arrange a very focused schedule in the last two weeks of fall to ensure your cleaning is done at the ideal time, and before we are stopped by snow.
•  Should there be any delay, we always look for a window in November to close our fall services.
*All Scheduling can be adjusted by phone or e-mail, on an ongoing basis*



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