When I was just a child

Full of wonder and bliss
I’d sit in the sun and make up my fun
At night I’d reminisce
My sister would calm me whenever I cried
She’d make me laugh no matter how hard I tried
To keep up my cool oh I was a fool
To think my heart would lie
My family always told the same jokes
As my aunties and uncles would light up their smokes
They say things in life they go by so fast
How would I know that this never would last
I remember catching a poor lady bug
Trapped in the cold morning dew
The garden was colored with flowers and flies
That spring all things were made new
My best friend he lived just a few doors down
Sad as I was when he moved out of town
We cherished our time and no reason or rhyme
Could tear our friendship apart
My grannie was a shining star
Her smile would light up the sky
Her perfect way and the things she’d say
Brought everything into the light
But with time we bear the weight of the world
And the good ol days are gone
Once the beauty of life slowly unfurled
Now all we can do is hold on
You see we are meant to be
Nothing more than that little child
So remember that is who you are
And conceal it in your smile