We wait in the sands of time
Carried away on the wind
Forged into the fire
To be brought back home again
Called back into the wild
Where the spirit reigns free
Chilling to my bones
Is the breath of life in me

Gazing upon the heavens
I wondered where I’d be
Mother hold me in your arms
And set my spirit free
I wished upon a shooting star
Praying love in this place to travel far
Written there is our destiny
And the light of hope I found in me
And I feel free
The rain is washing over me
And I can see
You cast away the darkness blinding me
I’m on my way back home
But I feel so alone
I wished for so much more
Than what you gave before
More than what I’ve known
Is the love that you’ve shown
So please come back to me
Forever I will be with you