noun: satori
sudden enlightenment.
“the road that leads to satori”


Japanese, literally ‘awakening’.”


About Satori Sunrise..

Satori Sunrise is my baby, with 7 years behind us and counting. We offer year-round services, and have at times have even built beautiful decks or done lovely garden designs. I have put my hand to a number of things, and gradually have developed a great knowledge of the work at hand.


“Satori” means enlightenment, which comes a little bit from my spiritual side. It has become my other name, all of my online community refers to me by the name Satori, and it’s a piece of who I am, since my background comes from my interest in Zen.


I try to place a little bit of that spiritual wisdom in how I live my life, both personally, creatively, and in business. Paired with “Sunrise” you have what ultimately becomes the start of every work day, and a passion to bring enlightenment to every person, and to our workplace we call our own, your home.


I really take care to be kind and get to know our clients, I like to earn your trust, and I am very responsive when there is something you need. I admittedly have made mistakes over the years, but have also learned from them well, and I believe it is what also taught me how to be the best leader and owner I can be.


Ultimately my goal is to build lasting relationships; it is the foundation of my company, and it is what keep us busy and keeps you at ease.


Please take time to write a Google or Facebook review, check out all my other social media to see my creativity. And if you have a positive experience you would like to share, please send me a letter, so I can take that and share it with others!


I am also a Musician, a Gamer, a lover of the Arts and Cosplay conventions, and I am soon to be a Husband (with Love from my ‘Akari’ Monica).


Together as a company and as a team, all of us at Satori Sunrise want you to know that we have your back!

-Connor (Satori)

What you get:


A Colourful Team

With a little bit of character, quirkiness, and rough edges
Devoted to providing excellence in the quality of their product
Accountable to one another in maintaining a positive attitude
That shares a common goal of their work environment
A Satori Sunrise!