Arbor Care

Arbor Care

So this is the groundbreaker. Satori Sunrise has guts and teeth, and we love to grind the beast up in smoke and dust.

Satori Arbor Care is medium-duty. We can hack away pretty much anything up to a 25 foot-high tree.

We will either charge per (large) trailer load at $250/load, for any nature of the service, or otherwise designate a price for particular situations.

Our service includes:

  • Pruning: Shaping, Removing Dead Wood, Problem Branches, Spurring for Growth, Fruit Trees, and General Sizing Down ~ $250 per tree
  • Light-Pruning/Hedging: Chop chop, we will shape hedges and clean them up, and any small shrubs can be fine-clipped. ~ $125
  • Tree Removal: We will fell trees up to 25 feet, limb them, dice them, and haul them away ~ $250-$500 per tree
  • Hedge Removal: We can take out a whole hedge and cut out the root systems with an axe or grinder. Depending on the size of the hedge we charge ~ $250-$750
  • Stump Grinding: To prevent shooters from coming back up (because these fiends have a strong will to live) we can offer a Stump Grind of a root ball to help prevent this from occurring, or to hide the visual appearance of a tree stump. ~ $375
  • Tree Removal + Root Ball: Occasionally it is possible to remove the root ball with a chain and truck, and have a tree gone for good, and even plant a new tree in place. ~ $500-$750
  • Tree Planting: We also love to make new friends, and can help you choose a new tree, transport it, dig and plant it. Nurseries will charge a total of up to $250 per tree, and $250 for planting/delivery. We will be matching their price and helping provide our effectiveness. ~ $250-$500 per tree.



Oh and did I mention, safety first!

Satori Sunrise carries appropriate liability coverage in order to provide Arbor work safely.