Merry Christmas!

Thank-you to all my customers for your continued support and faith in my company. I hope you all enjoyed the gift of my self-written and produced album! Take Care and have a wonderful New Year!!

Spring Clean-up Promotions

Check it out! Satori Sunrise will be walking Strathcona and Oakmount to offer their Spring and Summer Program! Spring Yard Clean-up Lawn Renewal House-Cleaning Organizing and Junk Removal Summer Lawn Maintenance Gardening Landscaping Handy-Work Keep an eye out for our...

Just For Laughs

Hey everyone, I met an awesome woman at the car dealership the other day, and it seems like us, she works a normal job, but has a deep passion for the arts. Her name is Jessica, and she performs with The Kinkonauts, a local improv company! So we will be attending one...

Joel Pearson At Gravity!

Connor and Joel have played together for 8 years, and Joel will be showcasing his new original material at Gravity Wine And Espresso bar in Inglewood. Tomorrow night at 7pm, come join the family, we’ll all be there! Connor

Start-Up Promotions

We will be going out as a team and introducing ourselves to the Calgary community via doorbell. Can’t wait to bump into strangers and not-so-strangers! See you thanksgiving weekend!