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How do we offer our Snow Removal Service?

• A monthly rate of $160 (On Average)

• Custom Scheduling

• We clear with or without request during daytime hours

• Email notifications

• City sidewalks, front driveway, and front steps and more!

• We clear even on the smallest amounts

• Being on time is our #1 priority

• Early morning service is available on special request,

• Ice management is available free of charge per request

• We are Licensed, Insured, WCB registered, and hold a BBB A+ membership

Years in business


Tonnes of snow moved

Don’t Miss A Thing!


Connor Kjersteen

Connor Kjersteen

Owner/ Operator

Satori Sunrise is my baby, with 6 years behind us and counting. Although I am experienced in offering year-round services, and have at times even built beautiful decks and done lovely garden designs, I now specialize as a Snow Service only.

In summers I am still available via a partnership with Cougarstone Lawn Care, but please contact to learn more about our other half of the year.

We are a small team, we’re good friends and sometimes family. I like to stay as close to the work being done as possible, and quite often I myself am right in the middle performing our duties.

I have learned that the main reason our clients keep coming back year after year is first and foremost because of our integrity. We put our hearts into our work and we always strive to do a job done right.

Get In Touch!

Connor: 403-835-3443

(please leave voicemail to ensure I can return your call if I miss it!)

June 6, 2020

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