Satori Sunrise

A Vibrant Team of Unique Individuals Dedicated to offering a Variety of Practical Services for your Home and Outdoor Residential Needs.


What is Residential Relief?

Perhaps you’ve been working a long week in the dead of winter, only to hear of a record-breaking Blizzard on it’s way, and were wishing that someone was coming to remove your snow for you, so you can stay cozy by the fire.

Maybe you want someone new to take care of cutting your lawn on a regular basis, and would love to hire , and have access to a full-time gardening team. The Boys and Girls.

Or maybe you’re just looking for a traditional outdoor service company with a fresh and hardy attitude that is designed to be flexible to meet your needs.

We are here to provide you with the resource to relieve and renew your home, for whatever your circumstances are.

With great sociable personalities, integrity, and a compassionate attitude, we are your people!

~ Connor Kjersteen, Christina Marie Kohari, Gregg Lovo, Christopher Irmert,  Rick, Dan Simpson, Dave Kendall, Dorotka Kjersteen, Jill McIvor, Linda Camacho, Taza Hussaini, Kumaren Govender, Jasper Bicknell, Kathy Levant, Kayla and Rene Kjersteen ~


What can we offer?

Satori Sunrise Residential Relief is bound by a few streams of services with many very particular tasks.


Contact the Owner, Connor Kjersteen, for any inquiries at
403-835-3443 or Connor@SatoriSunrise.com